Advertising is what truly makes Corey Advertising stand out from the competition, just as our name implies. We make it a strict point to take the time and fully comprehend your business, brand, and the unique value you offer. Only then do we implement our thoroughly researched strategy to develop a robust, effective advertising campaign at the highest level. We take the time to research your target audience at the highest efficiency.

We are firm believers in the importance of staying on top of industry-leading and emerging digital advertising trends, and each of our professional team members is not only incredibly passionate about what they do, they genuinely keep up with trends in their industry of expertise. We know that Google is a major core of any successful advertising campaign. Corey Advertising runs ads organically that constantly evolve to achieve optimum results while exposing your business to customers that are actually within your target audience and demographic.



Instead of trying to create a complex branding message that confuses, at Corey Advertising we strive to simplify and fine tune with professional, impactful results. We utilize our experience and unique insights to create something that stands above the rest while delivering a boldly unique message that will draw attention for years to come.

Corey Advertising provides branding via traditional and digital platforms. We firmly believe that best practice branding is done across multiple channels and mediums in order to increase exposure to as many applicable markets as possible based on your target audience. Branding includes social media growth along with professional and engaging content containing rich media to promote discussion and brand awareness among your customers. Traditional advertising is done through a multitude of standard forms, including simple flyers, stunning billboards that will instantly grab attention, creative logo designs and much more. Digital advertising is done through upgrading all the most popular platforms with high-quality media/content along with a strong and cost efficient push through ads.



In today’s world where virtually everyone is connected, a website is not an option, it is a necessity. Modern websites have evolved dramatically from static point and click experiences designed solely for the purpose of presenting basic information into rich visual experiences. These websites provide an instant representation to your customers about your business, your values, and your unique product. With a fusion of video, high-quality photography, and interactive features, we create beautiful websites that work flawlessly whether your customers are browsing on their desktop computer or mobile device using modern platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify for e-commerce.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, having an app is absolutely essential to connect with your customers, especially as people transition from laptops and desktop computers to conducting their business via a mobile device. We can build highly interactive and user-friendly apps on leading mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.