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Corey Advertising is more than an advertising agency! We form long-term partnerships with our clients and team up with them to take on the world. With experience, energy and enthusiasm, we bring our clients brand, message and assets to new levels focusing on intangibles as well as the bottom line. Don’t go with an agency that’s biggest passion in life is collecting a paycheck, go with the agency that believes in you and is willing to take the same risks your company takes to become the best version of itself.

Media Planning

Client Name: beinSPORTS

Client Name: ByoGlobe Sports
Agency of Record

Client Name: Eastern Airlines
Brand Development

Client Name: Easy Foods
Social Media

Client Name: Havana Air
Agency of Record

Client Name: The Jills
Mobile App

Client Name: Miami FC
Media Planning

Client Name: ORIGIN PC
Marketing Analytics

Client Name: Panthers


Why Go Corey?

When you’re looking to expand your business and unique message to the broadest audience spectrum in your industry and beyond, you want a company that fires on all cylinders when it comes to comprehensive, cutting-edge marketing services. Based in the vibrant, diverse city of Miami, Florida, Corey Advertising is a multifaceted advertising agency with a richly diverse client base that includes individual entities and corporations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. We take enormous pride in our ability to meticulously understand brands and how they correlate to digital marketing mediums to drive qualified customers, increase revenue, and build digital traffic.


Our team includes a multitude of creative professionals with years of experience in branding, sales, SEO, modern web development, direct advertising, social media marketing, and app development. Our proven track record speaks for itself and we continue to spearhead strategic, well-rounded solutions to provide our clients effective service while achieving their domestic and international marketing objectives.

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